Milby Class of 1970
Reunion Pictures
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All pictures are from the 30 & 40 Year Reunions, unless noted.
10 Year Class Reunion Pictures                        20 Year Class Reunion Pictures
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25 Year Class Reunion Pictures                        30 Year Class Reunion Pictures
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40 Year Class Reunion Pictures
Friday Social:  
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6
Saturday Dinner:  P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10, P11, P12, P13, P14, P15, P16
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Lambert, Clay  30 Year
Langston (Eubanks), Jennifer  30 Year
Lawhon (Walker), Ava  40 Year
Lively, Laurel  30 Year
Lively (Record), Carol  40 Year
Luera (Hinojosa), Leticia  30 Year
Maclaine, David  30 Year
Maughmer (Miller), Jeannine  40 Year
May, Rusty  30 Year
May, Dan  30 Year
Mayo (Meyers), Lois  30 Year
Mayo (Meyers), Lois  40 Year
McCullough, Ronnie  30 Year
Melancon, Mike  30 Year
Melancon, Mike  40 Year
Moore, Millie  30 Year
Munger (Hayden), Marcy  30 Year
Munger (Hayden), Marcy  40 Year
Muras (Morgan), Sandi  40 Year
Musick, Keith  30 Year
Musick, Keith  40 Year
Mylius (Burge), Debbie  30 Year
Mylius (Burge), Debbie  40 Year
Nagle, John  30 Year
O'Brien (Gimmler), Liz  30 Year
Oliver, Steve  30 Year
Oringderff (Williams), Gloria  40 Year
Owens (Clemmons), Robin  30 Year
Owens (Clemmons), Robin  40 Year
Palumbo (Margerum), Kathy  40 Year
Payne, Denny  30 Year
Peckham, Richard  30 Year
Peckham, Richard  40 Year
Pettyjohn (Moore), Christine  30 Year
Phelps (Terasaki), Diana  30 Year
Powell, Marcia  40 Year
Pringle, Wayne  30 Year
Pringle, Wayne  40 Year
Proffitt (Mansker), Sherrian  40 Year
Ptacek (Collier), Harriette  30 Year
Quade, Gary  30 Year
Quade, Gary  40 Year
Quesda, Oralia  30 Year
Quesda (Chavez), Laly  40 Year
Ramos, Rosalinda  30 Year
Ramos (Coleman), Rose  40 Year
Reyes, Jesse  30 Year
Reynolds (Coburn), Kay  30 Year
Roberts, Kenny
Rochelle (Schroeder), Beth  40 Year
Ross, Ronnie  30 Year
Ross, Ronnie  40 Year
Rossman, Glenn  30 Year
Schlosser (Slonek), Pam  30 Year
Schlosser (Slonek), Pam  40 Year
Scott (Wherry), Carol  30 Year
Scott (Wherry), Carol  40 Year
Smith (Bachle), Linda  30 Year
Smith (Bachle), Linda  40 Year
Smith, Ron  30 Year
Smith (Rightly), Sue  30 Year
Spaniel (Hurta), Debbie  30 Year
Spaniel (Hurta), Debbie  40 Year
Spears (Brennan), Francis  30 Year
Springer, John  40 Year
Toney (Jacobs), Nancy  40 Year
Torian, Gary  30 Year
Trevino (Parmeo), Elizabeth  30 Year
Trevino (Parmeo), Elizabeth  40 Year
Turner, Doug (nonreunion picture)
Turner, Doug  40 Year
Turner, Elaine  30 Year
Turner, Elaine  40 Year
Turner (Guerrero), Joyce  30 Year
Turner (Guerrero), Joyce  40 Year
Tyler, Lloyd  30 Year
Wach (Roberts), Janice  30 Year
Wach (Roberts), Janice  40 Year
Walker (Becker), Mary  40 Year
Ware (Knudsen), Mary  30 Year
Ware (Knudsen), Mary  40 Year
West, Melanie (75th anniversary reunion)
West, Melanie  40 Year
Wherry, Ronnie  30 Year
Wherry, Ronnie  40 Year
White, Sherry  30 Year
Whitsitt, Gail  30 Year
Wilkinson, Jim  30 Year  
Willingham (Soley), Brenda  30 Year
Willingham (Soley), Brenda  40 Year
Willingham (Carden), Glenda  30 Year
Willingham (Carden), Glenda  40 Year
Willis, Corky  40 Year
Wilson (Valenzuela), Donna Sue  30 Year
Woodruff, Russell  30 Year
Woodruff, Russell  40 Year
Zody (May), Michelle  30 Year
Alpert, Emily  30 Year
Alpert, Emily  40 Year
Anderson  (Buchanan), Sheryl  30 Year
Autrey, Denny  30 Year
Autrey, Denny  40 Year
Baccus, Mike  30 Year
Baker, Byron  30 Year
Baldwin (Riley), Karen  30 Year
Baumgarth, Steve  30 Year
Bednar, Robert  30 Year
Bednar, Robert  40 Year
Benbrook, Tommy  30 Year
Berryman, Paul  30 Year
Berryman, Paul  40 Year
Besser (Meyer), Patti  30 Year
Besser (Meyer), Patti  40 Year
Beveridge (Morgan), Wanda  30 Year
Beveridge (Yates), Wanda  40 Year
Blount, Michael (75th anniversary reunion)
Blount, Michael  40 Year
Boyer, Ray  30 Year
Boyer, Ray  40 Year
Brandt, Jimmy  30 Year
Brandt, Jimmy  40 Year
Busse, James  40 Year
Calvert (Busse), Kathleen  30 Year
Calvert (Busse), Kathleen  40 Year
Carpenter (Rice), Dennis (75th)
Castillo, Ino  40 Year
Chapa, Jose  30 Year
Chapa, Jose  40 Year
Clark, Steve  30 Year
Clark, Steve  40 Year
Coleman, David  30 Year
Coleman, David  40 Year
Collins (Adair), Betty  40 Year
Collins, Greg  40 Year
Conway (Messer), Linda  40 Year
Cooper (Goodrick), Jenny  30 Year
Cortez (Trevino), Lois  30 Year
Cortez (Trevino), Lois  40 Year
Couch (Reynolds), Teresa  40 Year
Crixell (Dumas), Candy  30 Year
Crixell (Dumas), Candy  40 Year
Cunningham, Gary  30 Year
Daniels (Feldman), Lisa  30 Year
Davis (Elledge), Ruth  30 Year
Deem, Mike  30 Year
Deem, Mike  40 Year
Dodds, Steve  30 Year
Dowell, Tom  40 Year
Drescher, Mike  30 Year
Drescher, Mike  40 Year
Drew, Dana  30 Year
Drew, Dana  40 Year
Earles, Rick  40 Year
Edwards, Bill  40 Year
Eggenberger, Roy  40 Year
Elledge, Jerry  30 Year
Elmore, Mike  30 Year
Estes (Henson), Cynthia  30 Year
Estes (Henson), Cynthia  40 Year
Fernandez, Joe  30 Year
Fobair (Rickard), Janeen  30 Year
Ford, Wade  30 Year
Forshag, Freddy  30 Year
Garcia, Bill  40 Year
Garcia (Guerra), Antoinette  30 Year
Garcia (Guerra), Antoinette  40 Year
Gilbert, James  30 Year
Gimmler, Patty  30 Year
Glenski, Randy  30 Year
Glenski, Randy  40 Year
Goldsmith, Chuck  30 Year
Goldsmith, Chuck  40 Year
Gonzales (Jordan), Pattye  30 Year
Gonzales (Elsner), Pattye  40 Year
Goode (May), Suzzanne  30 Year
Grote, Bill  30 Year
Grote, Bill  40 Year
Hairston, Alan  30 Year
Hall (Peine), Jan  30 Year
Hall (Peine), Jan  40 Year
Hanisch (Whitfill), Bobeye  40 Year
Hardin, Bob  40 Year
Harris, Homer  30 Year
Harrison (Davis), Nancy  30 Year
Haskins, Bobby  30 Year
Haskins, Bobby  40 Year
Hassell, Jimmy  30 Year
Hassell, Jimmy  40 Year
Hernandez, Sabas  30 Year
Hernandez, Sabas  40 Year
Holbert (Rember), Diane  30 Year
Holdren (Benbrook), Kathi  30 Year
Holdt (Fox), Diana  30 Year
Holley (May), Linda  30 Year
Holley (May), Linda  40 Year
Hollis, Julie  30 Year
Hollis, Julie  40 Year
Jalomo, Manuel  40 Year
Jernigan (Goebel), Karen  30 Year
Jernigan (Goebel), Karen  40 Year
Johnson, Keith  30 Year
Johnson, Lynn  30 Year
Jones, Sam  30 Year
Jury, Paul (75th anniversary reunion)
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