Milby Class of 1970
2010 Golf Outing
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The 40 year Milby High School class reunion golf outing was held on Saturday, October 16, 2010, at
Beacon Lakes Golf Club in Dickinson, Texas.  The weather was perfect, the course was in good
shape, and everyone had a great time!  Thanks go out to Denny Autrey and Dana Drew for getting
everything organized.
Thanks to all the golfers who participated!
Also thanks to Mike Deem for coming out and offering free advice to the golfers!
Dana Drew, Denny Autrey, Ronnie Ross, Bobby Haskins
Gary Quade, Jimmy Brandt, Jose Chapa
Sonny Hernandez, Caryl Dowell, Tommy Dowell
Mike Deem, Jose Chapa, Gary Quade
Dana demonstrating the "proper" way to tend the flag stick!!
L to R, Sonny Hernandez, Gary Quade, Bobby Haskins, Denny Autrey, Dana Drew, Jimmy Brandt, Tommy Dowell, Caryl Dowell, Ronnie Ross, Jose Chapa
Dana Drew, Mike Deem
The ten golfers that participated were:
Denny Autrey
Dana Drew
Bobby Haskins
Ronnie Ross
Jimmy Brandt
Jose Chapa
Gary Quade
Sonny Hernandez
Tommy Dowell
Caryl Dowell