Charles H. Milby
Class of 1970
40 Year Reunion

Many folks (147) affiliated with the Milby Classes of 1970 met together to
celebrate 40 years of the transition from the rather protected world of high
school to the realities of life.  Older and wiser and wounded and blessed, we
came and we shared, we laughed and we cried.

Beautiful fall weather greeted our gatherings on October 15 and 16, 2010 at
South Shore Harbour Resort in League City.  The festivities began Friday night,
with light food and drinks.  What a cozy ice-breaker, as we stared at one
another trying to guess who just walked in.  The high school photos on the name
tags were a great memory jogger.

About twenty five rooms were taken by our group, so some took a
mini-vacation to enjoy the weather and the nearby attractions and food.  Golf
was enjoyed by a dwindling group of 10 stalwarts on Saturday morning.  
Saturday sports watching nearly intruded upon the beginnings (6PM start) of the
Saturday events, but at least UT and the Texas Rangers each won their games,
so their supporters were feeling no pain.

The Saturday night gala rooms were beautifully attired, with a group-donated
ice sculpture of a buffalo head, all lit up.  A beautiful, lovingly created "In
Memory Of" board was a solemn reminder of our 50 classmates who have gone
before us.  Memorabilia from the '70's was gathered for reminiscing - were we
really that small back then??  Ragnot shirts and jackets, GBC football attire -
skirts at football games???, Coed and cheerleading affects and pictures, pictures.
Then the Bulletin Board, with updates from folks unable to attend.

Appetizers of goatcheese spread on olive bread and hummus with pita chips,
plus nuts - but we were too busy mingling to eat.  At 7:30, May Class President,
Richard Peckham welcomed the attendees with a well prepared and delivered
speech.  Denny Autrey reported on the golf events of the day and presented Jan
Hall Peine with a vase of beautiful red roses as a thank you for her being the
"Mother" of the group; then he offered a prayer to God for His blessing of the
gathered group and for the meal.

Now we were ready to eat!  A Cajun Feast - seafood gumbo; mixed greens
salad; corn, oyster and pepper salad; tomato and onion salad; potato and ham
salad; blackened snapper with seafood etouffee; chicken creole; jambalaya;
green beans; red beans and rice; rolls.  Desserts were offered near the buffalo
head ice sculpture - Praline chocolate cake; banana bread pudding; chocolate
pie; coffee and iced tea.  Umm, umm!

About 8:45, DJ Dave played the May class song of Bridge Over Troubled
Water.  Then the real dancing began.  Both sure-footers and those who are not
were willing to jump onto the dance floor and have some fun.  About midnight,
the party had dwindled down and the bright lights came on - back to reality.  
What a great evening for some starting-to-get old folks!!

Folks to thank for the organization of the weekend include:

Jan Hall Peine - for planning and organizing the reunion which included:  
many, many hours on the phone and computer trying to locate classmates;
sending out mailings and emails to everyone with info about the reunion;
visiting South Shore Harbour; setting up a Facebook account to help get the
word out; making sure that every detail was taken care of.  Job well done!!

Janice Wach Roberts - for lovingly creating the "In Memory Of" board; for
scanning and printing the 1970 yearbook pictures for the nametags; for
organizing and supplying the food and drink for Friday night.

Pam Schlosser Slonek - for creating the beauty, the ambience of Friday and
Saturday nights, including arranging for the buffalo ice sculpture.

Debbie Spaniel Hurta - for locating DJ Dave; for assisting in details of the
food/drink arrangements and for assisting in the decorating.

Jimmy Brandt - for creating, maintaining and constantly improving our class

Deborah Mylius Burge - for printing photos and gathering items for the
Memorabilia table.

Richard Peckham - for his welcome speech; for his constant support and
encouragement from afar.

Denny Autrey - for giving the invocation; for co-organizing the golf day.

Dana Drew - for co-organizing the golf day.

Anonymous donors - for allowing us to cap the charged price at $50 per person
(even though costs exceed that) and for allowing us to pledge that anyone who
wants to come but is uncomfortable with the charged price is welcomed and

The Classmates and Friends of the Milby Classes of 1970 - for being such a
special group; quick to offer support, love and prayers to all in need; and we are
all in need.

Thank you,
Jan & Jimmy

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