October 15th & 16th, 2010 at South Shore Harbour, League City, Tx
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Saturday Night Dinner/Dance
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Cynthia Estes Henson, Terry Burge, Debbie Mylius Burge
Tom Slonek, Liz Quade
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Julie Hollis, Debbie Mylius Burge, Linda Holley May
Denny Autrey, Angela Autrey
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Bill Grote, Caryl Dowell, Tom Dowell, Roy Eggenberger
Marcy Munger Hayden, Bill Grote
Ronnie Ross, Marcia Powell
Roy Eggenberger, Ronnie Ross
Ronnie Ross, Manuel Jalomo, Robin Owens Clemmons, Sherrian Proffitt Mansker
Mike Melancon, Ginny Melancon
Liz Quade, Gary Quade
Jan Hall Peine, Julie Hollis
Pam Schlosser Slonek, Renee Deem
Photos on this page courtesty of Mike Deem
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