October 15th & 16th, 2010 at South Shore Harbour, League City, Tx
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Saturday Night Dinner/Dance
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David Coleman, Rose Ramos Coleman
Elizabeth Trevino Paramo,Lois Cortez Trevino, Antionette Garcia Guerra, Sabas Hernandez, Shery Hernandez
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Jack Clemmons, Bill Edwards
Dana Drew, Jimmy Hassell
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Julie Allen, Robert Bednar
Denny Autrey, Angela Autrey
Manuel Jalomo, Steve Clark, Bob Hardin
Debbie Mylius Burge, Terry Burge
Mike Deem, Jan Hall Peine, Carol Scott Wherry, Ronnie Wherry
Steve Hetico, Beth Rochelle Schroeder, Ronnie Ross
Steve Soley, Ronnie Ross
Liz Quade, Pam Schlosser Slonek, Doug Turner
All pictures on this page were provided by Brenda Willingham Soley
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