October 15th & 16th, 2010 at South Shore Harbour, League City, Tx
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Saturday Night Dinner/Dance
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Debbie Spaniel Hurta, John Cook, Patti Besser Meyer, Mike Deem
Marcy Munger, Brenda Willingham, Patti Besser, Glenda Willingham
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Sandi Muras Morgan, Russell Morgan, Pam Schlosser Slonek
Robin Owens Clemmons, Jack Clemmons, Glenda Willingham
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Steve Soley, Brenda Willingham Soley
Mary Walker Becker, Lois Mayo Myers, Linda Smith Bachle
Glenda Willingham, Ronnie Ross, Marcia Powell
Dana Drew, Mary Ware Knudsen
Bob Hardin, Chuck Goldsmith, Nancy Goldsmith
Brenda Willingham Soley, Julie Mancuso Reilly, Glenda Willingham
Glenda Willingham, Brenda Willingham Soley
Joyce Turner Guerrero, Elaine Turner, Donald Thorton
Michael Blount, Jimmy Brandt, Patti Besser Meyer
          Paul Berryman, Ludean Weitner              (Buddy Steves pic)
All pictures on this page were provided by Brenda Willingham Soley, unless noted
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